I Have Never Ran a 5k

That’s a lie. One hour ago it was true. You know what that means? THIS GIRL JUST RAN A LITTLE OVER 3 MILES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I am so excited and proud of myself. I have to say the first 5 minutes were probably the hardest but SO worth it. I feel so good right now. I think I can run further, but my stupid shin was bothering me. I kept telling myself just 5 more minutes and I felt so good after each period of time I just kept going! Today has been so productive. I made my lunches for the week, which I am extremely excited to eat. Salads sound so good lately. My salads consist of 1 serving of grilled chicken, lettuce-spinach mix, cucumber, and shredded carrot. YUM! I also pair this with an apple and yogurt. If I am still hungry a cheese stick usually does the trick! I am also trying a few new breakfasts this week and I am really excited to tell you if they are good or not! Ah yes I can’t believe I ran a 5k. What an accomplishment 🙂


Coffee – Providing Productivity

  • I have to do homework, that is really the last thing I want to do right now
  • Straighten up my room
  • Try out this new workout I created (will post if it is a keeper)
  • Prep meals for the week

I was feeling sorta sluggish in my last post, okay…maybe beyong sorta. When I woke up this morning I was craving coffee. Weird…I know. I like coffee a lot it’s just I really don’t ever crave it. I decided I didn’t need any and ate my peanut buttery french toast (yum) and still felt sluggish about 45 minutes later. I was extremely annoyed because I wanted to get stuff done today! I changed into some athletic clothes and made myself a cup of coffee and I feel so much better. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately (also annoying), so I could be craving caffeine. Anyways I am all better now and all filled up by some chocolate vanilla greek yogurt, pretzels, and an apple.  I am freezing and am getting in the workout mood. YAY 🙂

I have looking at coupons seriously all afternoon. I have gotten some really awesome ones! I get to try Newman’s Own Pizza & Dinner, Silk Iced Latte’s, and Cascadian Farm’s Frozen Fresh Cut Green Beans. Two thumbs up for healthy coupons! Coupons cutting is so exciting 🙂

I’m off…the coffee still is in me!

Peanut Butter French Toast

For breakfast today I wanted something I usually don’t have. I thought about cereal, plain eggs, and a sandwich; but these all sounded borrrrrrring. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I wanted to have something I actually like. That’s when it hit me…peanut butter, egg, and bread. FRENCH TOAST!! This recipe is so so good. You could probably sub the peanut butter I use, but if you use PB2 you can make it more of a syrup.

Peanut Butter French Toast


2 Slices of Ezekiel Bread (or bread of choice if must)

1 Egg (2 egg whites could probably be substituted, but unsure)

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla

1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon


Mix the egg, vanilla, and cinnamon in a bowl. Flip-flop 1 slice of bread at a time. You should get roughly half the egg on each side. Cook each on a skillet on medium until cooked.

Ingredients for Peanut Buttery Topping:

1 Serving PB2

1 Tablespoon Water

1 Teaspoon Agave Nectar


Mix. Place half in between bread and half on top. Enjoy with oranges, bananas, coconut, milk, or any other healthy topping. 🙂


I’m not sure if this will keep me full for long, but it was super tasty. I paired it with some grapefruit and oranges.


Todays Shedule:


  • I have to do homework, that is really the last thing I want to do right now
  • Straighten up my room
  • Try out this new workout I created (will post if it is a keeper)
  • Prep meals for the week
  • Possibly make a dessert

I have no desire to do anything right now and it’s really a downer. I’m off to change my clothes and make the bed for a little inspiration to GET MOVING.



Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Lunch Menu, & Top 3 Relaxing Things

I just made one of the most yummy snacks…peanut butter cookie dough balls. Oh my goodness. They are AMAZING. Completely healthy too! Let’s just say by tomorrow, they’ll be gone.

This recipe came from Katie. I haven’t tried a lot of her recipes, but I always mean to, but now I surely will be visiting her blog very often. I changed to ingredients in this recipe because I didn’t have any peanuts and I didn’t have a 1/8 of a teaspoon measurer. Here is the amazing recipe…

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls


1/4 Cup Peanut Butter

1/4 Cup + 3 Tablespoons Raisins

2 Tablespoons of Almonds

1/4 Teaspoon of Pure Vanilla Extract


Put all ingredients in the food processor and form shapes or balls, then stored in the fridge.


I must admit I did make a mistake making these. I used my handheld blender…do not do this. It would not blend and there was a strange smell and I was very frustrated to say the least. For some reason I hate using the food processor, but today I realized I wasn’t sure why. It’s probably my favorite gadget after these babies. So very good. I ate two, so now I am stalling because I want to eat lunch, but I am not even hungry. On the menu for today and possibly every day this week is salad topped with chicken. Just lettuce and chicken. Not much to see there. With a side of a tortilla and salsa. Yum. I had this for dinner last night. It was so good.

I was planning on making a separate post for my top 3 relaxing things, but hey why not just include it in this fab post? Earlier this morning I was thinking to myself that I never really enjoy things and respect the “process”. More often than not I just rush through things without a single thought. I then proceeded to get cold…which I hate and decided a nice long hot shower was a must. While showering I was thinking how relaxing it was to take my time. This sparked an idea. What are the top 3 most relaxing things?

  1. Long Hot Showers

I haven’t really ever noticed this until today. Whenever I have had a rough day a shower sounds amazing. Whenever I have just got done working out…a shower sounds amazing. Usually in the morning I just rush through my shower because I feel like it is taking away my time of getting ready, but in reality they are one of my favorite things. Just think about it…normally you can’t hear other people, it’s hot which relaxes the muscles, and they give you time to think about things…or nothing.

2.  Listen to the Waves on the Beach

Okay…this might be a lot of people’s first thoughts when thinking about relaxing, but hey it is ultimate bliss! The sound it mind numbing, but though provoking. It’s crazy that I can just sit there all day. I’ve done it.

3.  Yoga

I don’t do yoga on a regular basis, but when I do I enjoy it. It’s challenging, but I feel as if my body is being intensified by stretching. I absolutely love the mood of the classes…yoga rocks.

What’s your idea of relaxation? 🙂

16 Days, Where I’ve Been, NEW RECIPE, & Almost Spring Cleaning


It’s been a very long time. I though it honestly had only been a week…not over two weeks! But here I am now…to stay. It’s been 16 days, almost three weeks. I’ve been cleaning, evaluating my eating and exercise habits to make them better, and experimenting in the kitchen. I forgot one thing…CLEANING. Ick. I spent the entire day cleaning over my “time off”. It was not fun…but I love having a clean room and it will hopefully stay that way.

I have today off in honor of Presidents Day. I love having Mondays off…it calls for baking, fancy breakfasts, and relaxation. To start off the morning I hopped online so I could make some yummy recipes later. I found a few that I’m going to try to tell you guys about…only if I love ’em. 🙂 While looking through recipes…I just so happened to find this one from last summer that was calling my name. Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes. I recreated the recipe into a single serving goodness. They use little sugar and they are seriously the best pancakes ever. I considered leaving the strawberries out, but then I figured they taste great and I will get 1/2 cup of fruit! I ate half of one while finishing the cooking. I must say they cook up great!

Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes for One


1/3 Cup Plain Chobani 0% Yogurt

2 Egg Whites

1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

1/3 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 Teaspoon of Baking Soda

1/2 Teaspoon of Truvia, Plain Sugar, or Omit

1/2 Cup Cut Strawberries


Mix the all wet ingredients. In a separate bowl combine all dry. Stir in the wet ingredients and add the strawberries. Stir until throughly distributed.

Spray a skillet with cooking spray on put heat on MEDIUM and place two heaping spoonfuls of batter per pancake. When bubbles appear in the middle, flip the pancake.

Makes About 6 Pancakes: 215 Calories

A great topper is 1 tablespoon of agave.


I hope you all enjoy possibly the healthiest, most delicious pancakes out there.

Getting to Know Me: Part One

I haven’t shared very much personal information on Miles of Sweets yet and I haven’t created my about me page yet. I would say getting to know me is probably pretty important.

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed healthier foods, but of course not-so-good-for-you foods too. I loved fruit, but I loved candy too…maybe even a little more. Let’s just say I have a major sweet tooth. Growing up I always loved experimenting in the kitchen and making all kinds of concoctions. I would receive cooking utensils on holidays and I wanted to be chef more than anything. Of course things changed and my passion for healthy living became stronger and stronger. My dreams of being a chef soon disappeared. My next hope was and is to become a dietitian/blogger. I want to help people who struggle who struggle with food. Having a bad relationship with food is fixable and I want to help people realize it. To be honest, I am unsure if becoming a dietitian is the right career goal for me, but it’s the only one I have. Along with my obvious passion for healthy living, I love reading. I don’t find myself taking part in it too often, but I absolutely love it. When I am reading a book, I feel like I am there. It’s a pretty magical feeling.

To Be Continued…

Weekend Things & Favorite Foods

This weekend has been pretty awesome. It’s been so so so relaxing! 🙂 I think next weekend will be better, there is 3 days! Right on! Over the weekend I did happen to try something new. Well…I have tried a type before, but it was a different kind and not as good. At Kroger I got ezekial bread! The last time I purchased this I sadly got sesame and loathed it. I didn’t even finish the loaf. I decided to visit the their website and try it out again. I got the foor for life sprouted whole grain bread. It is delicious. It even tastes similar to roll. I am very impressed and am switching out all my bread products for this brand, if the products are carried. I am super excited to try the tortillas and waffles!!

Also over the past few days I have been thinking about some of my favorite things and decided I would share them. Today’s topic is going to be food.

Favorite Chocolate: Dark Chocolate Dove. Dove chocolate is seriously the best. It’s incredibly silky. I usually get the dark chocolate, but I am a sucker for the milk chocolate too.

Favorite Bar: Chocolate Raspberry Luna Fiber. I am a huge huge fan of Luna and love nearly all there products, but this particularly. It tastes like dessert or a muffin. I probably eat them a little too often, but they are so good. (I just visited Luna’s website and they have a new protein flavor I want to try!! Chocolate cherry almond, oh my gooooooodness)

Favorite Fruit: Fresh pineapple. It reminds me of summer and pina coladas!

Favorite Veggie: Sweet potatoes by far. You can make them sweet, salty, or plain. They are the perfect vegetable!

Favorite Food: PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!

Favorite Nut: Pecans! I am sure you would think peanuts, but no! Pecans are slighty sweet and they remind me of Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the spring. I used to always get pecan pancakes at breakfast there. Uh-oh…craving coming on.

Favorite Yogurt: Chobani BITE Coffee Dark Chocolate Chip. I wish the portion was bigger because it is honestly that good.

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream! I feel like it’s summer every time I eat. I can’t even keep much in the house because it’s my ultimate weakness.

Favorite Dinner: Turkey burger with green beans, a salad, sweet potato chips/fries, and some fruit. (having this tonight, yay!)

Favorite Breakfast: I have mentioned this before, but Tina’s french toast breakfast scramble. I love it topped with 1 T of peanut butter. Just like her! Yum 🙂

I love food as you can see! I love creating new recipes and trying other new ones especially from blogs.





C25K, Cookies, BicBands, Naked Juice, and Body Image

It’s finally Friday! I am so ready for this weekend of relaxation!

Yesterday I was a big eater. No so much healthy either. These irresistible pistachio cranberry sugar cookies kept calling me. I had 4…okay maybe 5, but who’s counting? I am so ready for them to be out of the house! I think I have been the only one snacking on them! I felt pretty crummy this morning because I ate them as I was getting into bed. My small stomach did NOT enjoy that. For breakfast then I had this outstanding Naked juice. It was the berry veggie flavor. It was fantastic. The texture was right on! I drank the entire bottle because it was only 250 calories and it was the only thing I really wanted for breakfast. I even got 2 more today. 🙂  I don’t know about you, but when I am sitting for about 7 hours straight everyday my stomach doesn’t appreciate it. I need more walking and physical activity during the day. It really added to my tummy discomfort. I am starting to think when I get a job, being at a desk all day will hopefully not be required. I love being active.

Over the summer and into fall I tried to complete the Couch to 5K app. I actually just stopped doing the workouts at about week 4, but I decided today that I wanted to start again. I downloaded the app and figured week 1 & 2 were a little too easy for me and skipped to week 3. Week 3 is still isn’t very hard, but I still choose it anyway. For those of you who are unfamiliar with C25K, it is an app that gives you a 8 week plan that will (hopefully) result in you being able to run a 5K in 30 minutes. It’s really an amazing program. It’s free, but if you did have to pay, it would be worth every penny. Today I wasn’t really planning on doing any kind of work out, but that changed about 4 o’clock when I decided I was in the mood. When I am really in the mood I like to work out for as long as possible because I feel good and like what I am doing. My workout lasted one hour and I burned 400 calories. Earlier in the day I was feeling pretty low because I looked in the mirror and didn’t like it. This usually happens when I eat too much of something, and I did as I addressed earlier. Hopefully that feeling will go away for good one day.

I ordered 2 things off the internet today! I ordered a new headband from BicBands. I am so so so excited to get my minnie sparkle black bic band. The reviews are great and I got free shipping! I am so happy with my purchase! 🙂 I also ordered a new pair of my all time favorite running shorts. Nike Tempo Track Running Shorts are the absolute best out there. They were on sale AND I had a 20 dollar off coupon! I payed 8 bucks for them!! I am so excited for them to arrive. I am going to be one stylish girl soon!

I am off to watch more Lost. What a surprise! Have an awesome Friday night!! 🙂

Lost Fanatic

Today’s work out was seriously awesome! You probably don’t know this but I have recently received shin splints. This could be from many things including: not stretching for a decent amount of time before running, running at an incline often too soon, and pushing my legs too hard. Don’t get me wrong I hardly ever do an extremely strenuous workout. I haven’t worked myself up to it and my strength just isn’t there yet, unfortunately. Around the middle of January I started going hard (for me at least) on the treadmill. Intense inclines and running = not a good mix for a semi-beginnger. My legs have recently not been able to handle as much as they did at the beginning of this 4ish week period. I did not exercise on Sunday, yesterday I did about 30 minutes of very light physical activity, and then there was today. Today I tried this totaaaaaaally awesome circuit workout (I couldn’t complete). I loved it! My goal by the end February is to be able to complete it. I spent around 15 minutes on it then I hurriedly went to the treadmill. I was on for about 50 minutes watching Lost (the best show ever). I only walked because running has been hurting my shins, but I was surprised to see that I actually stayed on the treadmill that long. I actually had a really enjoyable time. Crazy, I know! I walked at 3.8 MPH at 9 incline. I burned about 350 calories. Yay! My heart rate stayed in my range for most of the time too. Once I saw it dropping I worked a little harder, but hey I was walking at 3.8 MPH, not very fast. My eats today have been so tasty. For breakfast I had this french toast scramble (visit Tina’s blog for the recipe), a Luna fiber bar, carrots, Chobani coffee bean chocolate chip yogurt, 2 apples, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and almonds. Also one small pistachio-cranberry sugar cookie that I am absolutely in love with. For dinner I was thinking the same thing I had yesterday…an omlette with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and turkey. To add to that some green beans and potatoes. Yum 🙂 I am off to make this delicious creation!

Muffin in a Mug

Right about 7 o’clock I start to get hungry. I want salt. I want sweet. I want it ever so much. I eat dinner at about 5 every night and some night 6:30 it all depends, but most of the time 5. Then as the night rolls on I want something else to eat. I always always give in too. Usually I make this little piece of heaven. A muffin in a mug. It’s a bit of a combination between a cookie in a mug and a brownie in a mug. It’s about 250 calories and it is absolutely delectable.


4 Tablespoons of Whole Wheat Flour

3 Tablespoons of Sugar

1 Spoonful of Plain Greek Yogurt

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla

2 Tiny Pinches of Baking Soda

3 Tablespoons of Water


Mix all the dry ingredients together then add all the wet ingredients. Mix together thoroughly. Put in the microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds (depends on your microwave). And finally enjoy the 250 calorie fiber filled masterpiece 🙂

**Also you can add 1 tablespoon of mini dark chocolate chips, but add 80 calories**

I have to say tonight’s muffin was pretty dang good if I do say so myself. I am off to drink some water and watch Lost (aka only the BEST t.v. show ever) on Netflix.