I Have Never Ran a 5k

That’s a lie. One hour ago it was true. You know what that means? THIS GIRL JUST RAN A LITTLE OVER 3 MILES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I am so excited and proud of myself. I have to say the first 5 minutes were probably the hardest but SO worth it. I feel so good right now. I think I can run further, but my stupid shin was bothering me. I kept telling myself just 5 more minutes and I felt so good after each period of time I just kept going! Today has been so productive. I made my lunches for the week, which I am extremely excited to eat. Salads sound so good lately. My salads consist of 1 serving of grilled chicken, lettuce-spinach mix, cucumber, and shredded carrot. YUM! I also pair this with an apple and yogurt. If I am still hungry a cheese stick usually does the trick! I am also trying a few new breakfasts this week and I am really excited to tell you if they are good or not! Ah yes I can’t believe I ran a 5k. What an accomplishment 🙂


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