Coffee – Providing Productivity

  • I have to do homework, that is really the last thing I want to do right now
  • Straighten up my room
  • Try out this new workout I created (will post if it is a keeper)
  • Prep meals for the week

I was feeling sorta sluggish in my last post, okay…maybe beyong sorta. When I woke up this morning I was craving coffee. Weird…I know. I like coffee a lot it’s just I really don’t ever crave it. I decided I didn’t need any and ate my peanut buttery french toast (yum) and still felt sluggish about 45 minutes later. I was extremely annoyed because I wanted to get stuff done today! I changed into some athletic clothes and made myself a cup of coffee and I feel so much better. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately (also annoying), so I could be craving caffeine. Anyways I am all better now and all filled up by some chocolate vanilla greek yogurt, pretzels, and an apple.  I am freezing and am getting in the workout mood. YAY 🙂

I have looking at coupons seriously all afternoon. I have gotten some really awesome ones! I get to try Newman’s Own Pizza & Dinner, Silk Iced Latte’s, and Cascadian Farm’s Frozen Fresh Cut Green Beans. Two thumbs up for healthy coupons! Coupons cutting is so exciting 🙂

I’m off…the coffee still is in me!


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