Weekend Things & Favorite Foods

This weekend has been pretty awesome. It’s been so so so relaxing! ūüôā I think next weekend will be better, there is 3 days! Right on! Over the weekend I did happen to try something new. Well…I have tried a type before, but it was a different kind and not as good. At Kroger I got ezekial bread! The last time I purchased this I sadly got sesame and loathed it. I didn’t even finish the loaf. I decided to visit the their website and try it out again. I got the foor for life¬†sprouted whole grain bread. It is delicious. It even tastes similar to¬†roll. I am very impressed and am switching out all my bread products for this brand, if the products are carried. I am super excited to try the tortillas and waffles!!

Also over the past few days I have been thinking about some of my favorite things and decided I would share them. Today’s topic is going to be food.

Favorite Chocolate: Dark Chocolate Dove. Dove chocolate is seriously the best. It’s incredibly¬†silky. I usually get the dark chocolate, but I am a sucker for the milk chocolate too.

Favorite Bar: Chocolate Raspberry Luna Fiber.¬†I am a¬†huge¬†huge fan of Luna¬†and love nearly all there¬†products, but this particularly. It¬†tastes like dessert or a muffin. I probably eat them a little too often, but they are so¬†good.¬†(I just visited Luna’s website and they have a new protein flavor I want to try!! Chocolate cherry almond, oh my gooooooodness)

Favorite Fruit: Fresh pineapple. It reminds me of summer and pina coladas!

Favorite Veggie: Sweet potatoes by far. You can make them sweet, salty, or plain. They are the perfect vegetable!

Favorite Food: PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!

Favorite Nut:¬†Pecans! I am sure you would think peanuts, but no! Pecans are slighty sweet and they remind me of Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the spring. I used to always get pecan pancakes at breakfast there. Uh-oh…craving coming on.

Favorite Yogurt: Chobani BITE Coffee Dark Chocolate Chip. I wish the portion was bigger because it is honestly that good.

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream! I feel like it’s summer every time I eat. I can’t even keep much in the house because it’s my ultimate weakness.

Favorite Dinner: Turkey burger with green beans, a salad, sweet potato chips/fries, and some fruit. (having this tonight, yay!)

Favorite Breakfast: I have mentioned this before, but Tina’s french toast breakfast scramble. I love it topped with 1 T of peanut butter. Just like her! Yum ūüôā

I love food as you can see! I love creating new recipes and trying other new ones especially from blogs.






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