Welcome to Miles of Sweets!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Miles of Sweets. I am Christina, a young inspiring writer hoping to explore the blog world more in-depth. Today is just day one of many years to come on this wonderful blog. I’ve always toyed with the idea of creating a blog, but always wanted to wait a few years until I got older (read my about me to get more info).  I have begun to grow impatient and ask myself why I am waiting. Seize the day! Take ahold of any opportunity available! And so here I am, presenting this ever-so-awkward start to you. Maybe I have never realized how much work this really takes, but I am willing to try. I want to just let each and every single one of you know that I have a crazy obsession (to say the very least haha) with peanut butter. It’s probably my favorite food ever. I love love love sugar, reading other blogs, warm beverages, and exercising! I’m still in high school, so please don’t expect much extremely personal information, YET. I am still a teen and I have this ridiculous passion for healthy living. Unfortunately, I do not share this with many other people I know, so I decided blogging would be a fun way to connect with others. For the record, I am not a registered dietitian, nutritionist, personal trainer, etc. I plan to become one of these in the future though! 🙂


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