It’s Almost Pineapple Season?!

Goood Afternoon! Today has been a little on the slow side. I am getting really sick of this snow. It’s so…depressing. Over breakfast this morning I was just thinking how fruit brightens the mood for the day. Have any of you noticed? It’s generally sweet, bright, and absolutely deeeeeeeeelicious! Also this morning I learned pineapple season is coming up. WHAT WAS THAT?!?! PINEAPPLE?!?! Yes!!! I adore pineapple. As I was eating my Costa Rica pineapple earlier (all throughout the day haha) I was thinking to myself when are pineapple actually in season. I did a little research and discovered they are in season from about March until June. Do you know what this little piece of information means? I will be going a little crazy on pineapple in the next…eh…4 or so months ;). I have already downed nearly a half of one in one day. It’s just pairs so perfectly with my just-ripe bananas. Mmm. I have been eating a TON of healthy, tasty food lately. Sweet potato, greek yogurt, PINEAPPLE, dry roasted edamame,  and so much more. I have a whole foods grocery list and hopefully all the products will be in my hands soon enough too:



Muir Glen Salsa

Muir Glen Pasta Sauce

Luna Fiber

Food Should Taste Good Chips (sweet potato and chocolate)

I can not wait to get each and every one of these products and I surely will be sure to share my favorites. As for now, I am off to make a nutritious meal of potatoes with green beans and maybe an omelet. See ya 🙂


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